Hi, I’m Kelley Spencer, a Christian mental health advocate and author.

I’m a mom of two boys (and one in heaven) who loves to read and write, wear yoga pants, be outdoors, travel, garden, and enjoy every season.

I live a seemingly normal, suburban life with my family. From the outside, it may seem like I’ve had it easy or that life simply came together for me in this perfect little package. If you see me writing at a local coffee shop, you wouldn’t notice anything unique about me that would cause you to gaze in my direction. 

But there is a deep pain that I’ve learned to overcome and manage every day: mental illness.

I’ve fought this invisible illness for the past decade after my diagnosis at the age of twenty-four. However, after my second pregnancy ended abruptly in miscarriage, it completely broke me and mental illness turned almost deadly. 

You see, five years ago, the darkness of depression (and anxiety!) consumed me so much that I contemplated suicide as a miscarriage survivor and new mom of two. I genuinely thought I might die.  

Several times in my car, I cried out to God and His loving whisper challenged the darkest thoughts in my head, saying: 

“You’re not done yet.”

“I will use this for good.” 

“This is not the answer.” 

“I’ve got plans for you, Kelley.”

I felt a loving peace surrounding me that unexplainably told me I would be okay. I chose the will to live. I chose to be hopeful. I chose to fully surrender my health to God, trusting and letting Him guide each step in my process of healing and recovery. 

You are not alone if you struggle with mental health.

You are not the only one who feels stuck right now. You can take your power back, experience breakthroughs in therapy, make healthy lifestyle changes, and seek healing through Jesus. 

The abundant, joyful life you desperately want is within reach.

Maybe you can visualize this beautiful life and your long-term goals, but you’re not sure how to get there or what small steps to take. 

I’ve learned that God can use our deepest pain and suffering as a catalyst for spiritual growth and to bring purpose to our lives. I never thought I could go from feeling suicidal to experiencing joy in pursuing God’s calling on my life. I’m very passionate about my purpose as a Christian mental health advocate. God is so good!

  • Learn how to trust God with your mental health
  • Grow deeper in your faith and desire to know God and His Word
  • Defeat negative self-talk and narratives in your head
  • Make healthy, lifestyle changes and be a good steward of your body 
  • Pray and offload your worries and trade it for God’s peace
  • Seek God’s guidance to learn what next steps to take in your healing journey

I want to encourage you to grow continually in your faith, take one step closer to where God wants to bring you, and pray and persevere through your most challenging days.

Visualize that harvest ahead of you and don’t you dare give up.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

galations 6:9

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