I feel extraordinary joy spending sunny days playing outside with my boys, hiking among the trees and little critters, and taking care of my garden.

Life is truly beautiful…but I didn’t always see it that way.

I struggled for years with the deepest valleys of anxiety and depression that I thought would never cease. I believed God could heal me, but as time went on, I lost faith that He would.

Thankfully, I listened to His voice and followed Him anyway. And you know what?

He proved me wrong.

So while I believe beauty in this life exists, I also know it can be cold, harsh and seriously challenging; I’ve experienced firsthand how painful and heartbreaking it can be. Those days where you feel so overwhelmed, lonely and sad that you barely have the strength to utter a prayer or get out of bed.

You desperately want to feel joy, peace, satisfaction and purpose but aren’t sure where to turn. The burdens you’re carrying are getting heavier and you’d give anything to feel the weight slowly come off of your chest.

I want to tell you that there is another side to your pain. You can’t see the joy that is ahead of you. When you actively pursue God each day, the life you want is yours for the taking.

Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy your soul and deepest longings. Trust me, I’ve chased the next best thing, leaving Him behind in my plans. Now I’m chasing Him instead.

He pulled me out of my darkest days and He can do the same for YOU!

My mission is to encourage you to seek God and His Word when life hurts.

No matter what challenges arise, make Him your priority every single day.

A fire doesn’t start without a spark. When you choose to surrender all to God, a spark will ignite. When you continue to pursue Him daily, you will nurture that flame, eventually turning it into a blaze that will transform your heart.

I pray that you will seek God and allow Him to start a fire within you! He is ALL you need, my friend.

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