Cling to Hope in the Darkness of Uncertainty

I had to cling to hope that somehow, things would be resolved. “It hurts so bad, Mom. Help me.” I can still hear my son’s desperate cries of agony echoing in my mind. After several emergency room visits, appointments with various specialists, and lots of tests, we had no answers for the cause of his physical pain. 

When you feel consumed with anxiety, bring it to Jesus.

“Deep breaths, Kelley. You’ve got this,” I said to myself. 

“Inhale. 1-2-3. Exhale. 1-2-3.”

For the last decade I’ve experienced everything from mild to moderate anxiety, to full-blown panic, but never when flying – until now. 

That’s the tricky thing with anxiety – and any mental disorder for that matter – sometimes there’s a circumstance that triggers it, but not always.